7-Oil Grows Their Business with Digital Dispatcher

Lori McArthur, Dispatch Supervisor
7-Oil Co.
Cinnamonson, NJ
35 vehicles

7-Oil has a thriving Commercial Fleet Fueling business as well as a substanial Residential/Commercial Heating Oil business serving South and Central NJ.  To facilitate their continued growth into new territories including Pennsylvania and Delaware they have relied on the efficiencies and flexibility of the Digital Dispatcher suite of services.

7-Oil researched their options and found that Digital Dispatcher’s solution provided the most features, was simple to use and was the most affordable system in the market.  “We love it!” exclaims Lori McArthur their Dispatch and Commercial Supervisor.  “We installed it several years ago and it has really simplified the office and field work” says McArthur. “Its saved countless hours of manual data entry and driver time in the field to.”

Time savings that enable 7-Oil to continue growing without the need to hire on more drivers or office help!


Digital Dispatcher’s Fleet Fueling FMS (Field Mobile Solution) Does More for Less


7-Oil has a thriving Fleet Fueling business that grows on Digital Dispatcher.  Some of the features that proved to be most profitable for them were:

  • Simple Wireless integration with the back office – Saves hours every day in data entry and decreases errors
  • Bar-Code Scanning – Built in functionality saves drivers 1+ minute per vehicle times 50 truck deliveries = an hour saved every day
  • Less Driver Errors – No over-pumps, No discount errors, fewer customer calls about their invoices!
  • Professional Appearance – Full Point of Sale Invoicing – no more chicken-scratch, no more driver calculation errors…
  • Paperless – Between the back office suite and Digital Dispatcher the drivers don’t need tickets they can perform much more efficiently

The fleet fueling driver’s job is greatly simplified cutting about 2 minutes of time from each refueling (1-2 hrs/driver every day) and eliminating all calculation errors which create customer phone calls.  “It makes our job in the office much easier,” says Ms. McArthur.


The Digital Dispatcher Difference


Once installed, the Digital Dispatcher FMS system provided 7-Oil with additional benefits over what they expected.

The Digital Dispatcher system is helps us look much more professional to those that matter most…the customers,” says McArthur.  Which means that 7-Oil can continue to grow their business in New Jersey and its neighboring states.

7-Oil uses Digital Dispatcher’s Fleet Fueling application and their Propane/Heating Oil Delivery application as well.  Digital Dispatcher is known for their great customer service and continued software innovation.  Digital Dispatcher makes sure every client receives the attention and quality service needed to maximize the potential of our FMS (Field Mobile Solution).  “The support we get from Digital’s programmers and customer service team is great,” says McArthur. “We love it!”

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