Alaska Aerofuel Improved Business Controls and Profits Through Digital Dispatcher

Paul Gibson, Vice President
Alaska Aerofuel, Inc.
Fairbanks, AK
10+ Vehicles

Alaska Aerofuel, located in the middle of Alaska, has unique challenges with extreme cold that makes deliveries more challenging and expensive. Like businesses throughout the world, they needed net profit improvements and found them via Field Mobile Solutions that provided real efficiencies and tangible benefits to their operations. Studies show that FMS (Field Mobile Solution) systems reduce costs, decrease fuel consumption, increase productivity, and improve overall business efficiencies.

Paul Gibson, Vice President of Alaska Aerofuel, found himself facing the same daunting challenges as many small businesses with vehicle fleets: climbing payroll costs, escalating delivery costs, and the need to continually improve customer satisfaction.

Alaska Aerofuel has served central Alaska for over 30 years as the preeminent supplier of commercial and residential fuels and services. The company relies on a fleet of 10+ vehicles to provide rapid response and high quality service to their clients.

Alaska Aerofuel did extensive research looking for a practical, cost-effective and reliable field management solution to improve efficiencies and cut costs. “Temperatures can stay lower than 30 degrees below zero in the winter, so we needed a technology solution that was reliable and easy to use,” reported Gibson. “Digital Dispatcher works great, even in the worst environments. We are technology savvy, so we were delighted to find a flexible product that does more than the others and works exactly as advertised!”

Digital Dispatcher has helped small and medium-sized businesses throughout North America realize the full benefits of wireless real time integration of POS, route optimization, dispatching, fleet/inventory tracking and seamlessly integrating with most back end offices. The Digital Dispatcher Field Mobile Solution, created from the ground up by industry insiders familiar with delivery and service department challenges, to specifically serve small businesses by providing:

    • A simple user interface with easy reporting functions
    • System access via any internet-enabled computer
    • The most cost effective and dependable hand held POS/communication system

With Digital Dispatcher FMS installed, Alaska Aerofuel has eliminated handwriting, pricing, and preset issues. “Digital Dispatcher is a great tool!” exclaimed Paul. “We use it for Point of Sale invoicing as well as mid-day wireless delivery changes/adds, and it makes our drivers and office personnel more efficient.”

“Our company has become more efficient on the whole since using Digital Dispatcher,” said Gibson. “It’s a great product with super customer service!”

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