New Youtube Video Explaining The Efficiency Of Handset By Digital Dispatcher



New Youtube Video Explaining The Efficiency Of Handset By Digital Dispatcher

Summary: A new Youtube video has been posted by Digital Dispatcher. The video is explaining the efficiency of the handset offered by Digital Dispatcher.

February 11, 2015:  Digital Dispatcher, the distinguished company in Jenkintown, PA has posted a new Youtube video today. In video, a Propane Delivery Driver is describing the qualities and features of the Digital Dispatcher handset.

The Propane Delivery Driver explains that after testing a number of ‘in-cab computers’, he and his company finally found a more reliable, simple to use and multifunction formula. They have found Digital Dispatcher’s in cab computer based on an Android tablet or smartphone as the best and most effective for their growth. The handset effectively saves their office time and also helps their business be more successful.

Speaking to media, a representative from Digital Dispatchersaid, “Yes we have posted a new video where a Propane Delivery Driver tells the benefits of using our handset. He is sharing theirsecret of success with viewers.” He further added, “Since it is very easy to learn and to work, drivers are praising it a lot.”

Digital Dispatcher is attracting worldwide business owners with it interesting features that include product delivery, route optimization, field service, fleet fueling, inventory tracking, and point of sale invoicing, dispatch suite, fleet tracking, custom flat rate, real time communications, mobile hand-held computer and turn-by-turn directions.

Digital Dispatcher’shandset (in cab computer)is helping a number of propane and heating oil deliverycompanies in automating and streamlining their fuel delivery business and offering them the latestin reasonably priced mobile handsets. The technology of Digital Dispatcherhelps in reducing the driver paperwork, making the procedure of dispatch much easier, automating the end of day paperwork, live job tracking, allowing the office to know where every driver is, location tracking, Route Optimization and more.

When contacted, Paul Nadeau, the Manager Delivery and Sales from Augusta Fuels Co., AFC said, “From customer support to the product itself – Digital Dispatcher just keeps getting better. If you wish to achieve maximum efficiency and increase profits, you too will wish you had this resource years ago.”


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