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Bill Stomp: Conversational Speaker and Keynote Presenter

Bill Stomp is a master conversationalist, a professional who delivers dynamic talks, not scripted speeches – so he can inform and inspire fellow business owners and industry experts.

Bill gives you the facts, with his signature brand of simplicity and humor, enlivening his presentations with valuable advice and answers that elicit respect and applause.

Always Relevant, Never Boring

Bill’s has a ‘How To’ approach to his talks, based on practical material. He educates his audience without making them go to school. He gives people actionable intelligence – news you can use – that attracts attention without a sense of pretension.

In other words, Bill discusses serious issues while never taking himself too seriously.


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Contributing Columnist for Top Industry Magazines
Listen to Bill Answer Questions about Technology, Mobile Devices and More
Current Keynote Speaking Topics
  • Technology Disruption in Fuel Delivery – How to harness it for improved profits, safety and customer service.
  • Cybersecurity, Data security – The new world of data insecurity and what do about it.
  • The new wild west of sales growth via little known New Technology revolution with a focus on the Fuel Delivery and Service Technician heavy industries.
Additional Session Topics
  • The 7 key tools for propane and fuel delivery companies to grow in the next 3 years.
  • Why and How your competition is using technology to take your customers… and what you can do about it.
  • Smartphones vs Tablets for service tech and delivery driver automation – which is better and why.
  • 5 steps to choose smart devices for your fleet




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“Fantastic Presentation, Very interesting, Highly Recommend.”

Scott Ansel, President of Southeast PA Chapter of the OESP


“Bill has done a tremendous job taking a complex and broad topic like technology and translating it into ideas for propane marketers to take home with them and easily implement into their businesses. It helps a lot that Bill can use his experience in the propane industry to easily relate to his audience.”

Derek Dalling, Executive Director, Michigan Propane Association


“Bill possesses excellent communication skills, is extremely personable and has a propane background. As a recent speaker at a PAPGA Meeting my members were captivated which lead to an engaging question and answer period.”

Shelby L. Metzger, Executive Director PA Propane Gas Association


“Your presentation was very insightful, informative, interesting and fun…we would recommend him to every propane association looking for a speaker. Thanks again”

Jay Sweede, President, CC Propane, Toledo Tri-State Propane Coalition


“Bill does a fantastic job presenting and is a gifted speaker that I would recommend to every association”.

Pat Boyle,OESP Treasurer and President of Boyle Energy


“Bill Stomp did a great job presenting at the Harrisburg Chapter meeting. Our association is often looking for new speakers and Bill did a bang up job. I’d recommend him without hesitation to other associations in the fuel delivery and service tech related industries.”

Ken Lundy, President OESP Harrisburg chapter


“Bill is a dynamic and interesting speaker. His information is right on the money and necessary for propane marketers to hear. I recommend Bill as a presenter and believe his material will benefit all propane companies”

Tom Krupa past President of both the Virginia Propane Association and PA Fuel Merchant’s Association.


“Actionable, Interesting and pertinent to every propane and fuel delivery company. Bill is a great presenter. I’ve heard him at a couple occasions and he always gets high marks from everyone who attends”

Dan Messett, Chariman PA Propane Association.


“A most engaging presenter who captures attention, He added tremendous value to the department. Looking forward to your next presentation.”

Bret Myers, Professor Villanova School of Business


“Bill is a highly intelligent, positive and motivating individual. I think he has much to contribute to the propane industry.”

Mike Hopsicker, President & CEO Ray Murray, Inc.


“We drove an hour and a half out of our way when we heard you were presenting…this is good stuff!”

Owner of Sullivan Propane, Oil and HVAC



2017 Speaking Schedule

Following a very busy schedule throughout 2015,2016, Bill is planning to speak less in 2017 – making him even more highly sought-after. His 2017 slots will fill up fast, so if you are interested in having him speak at your event, please reach out sooner, rather than later.

Confirmed dates for 2017 so far are as follows:
  • February 28th “Southeast PA Chapter of the OESP” in Lancaster, PA

2016 Speaking Schedule

  • March 28th – NY Propane Gas Association Spring Conference Presenter
  • April 8th NPGA Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo
  • April 28th – OESP Association Presenter
  • June 21st – Villanova Exec. MBA class – “Technology Disruption in Delivery Industry”
  • June 23rd – NY/NE/NJ Propane Joint Summer Convention
  • July 20th – Michigan Propane Association Meeting
  • July – Mid Atlantic Fuel Delivery Technology Expo
  • Aug 10-11 – Northeast Propane Show
  • October 4th – Energi Technology Forum / Risk Management Summit
  • November 1st – Connecticut Fuel Dealer Association meeting on “Improve Profits via Next Gen Technology”

2015 Speaking Schedule

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